Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Respected Yakima Personal Injury Attorney Firm Acquires New Website

Following their firm’s change of name on April 1, Johnson and Johnson Law Firm has acquired and launched a new website. The said website will enable clients to check out relevant information on the firm’s areas of practice and, at the same time, make it easier for them to get in touch with a respected Yakima personal injury attorney regarding their cases.

Serving the people of Central and Eastern Washington, the firm takes cases of personal injury (i.e. automobile accidents, medical malpractice, motorcycle injury, wrongful death, and insurance litigation), defense of DUI cases and traffic-related lawsuits, as well as handling mediation processes. Their team of lawyers are dedicated to center their practice to the people, and work hard to bring them justice and peace of mind.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

DUI Attorney in Tri-Cities Change Firm Name to Johnson and Johnson

Washington state law firm Delorie Johnson PLLC has recently changed their name to Johnson and Johnson Law Firm. Those looking to retain a credible and professional DUI attorney in Tri-Cities area of the state can look to partners Dick and Alex Johnson to receive a most efficient legal service.

Founded in 1999, the lawyers of Johnson and Johnson have decided that their practice would center around people. They have represented thousands in various cases throughout the years, including serious injury, death, and medical and hospital negligence. More specifically, however, the firm is renowned most for their practice’s intense focus and extensive knowledge on the defense of DUI charges.


Friday, May 23, 2014

A Yakima DUI Lawyer Can Help You Mitigate Severe DUI Consequences

Another thing Washington residents need to know is the possible long ranging effects of a DUI conviction. Those found guilty of DUI charges not only face stiff penalties and possible jail time, but the stigma of the conviction for years to come. This can affect future insurance requirements, credit scores, and even chances for employment.

For this reason, Yakima residents arrested for DUI should immediately seek the help of an experienced Yakima DUI attorney, like Atty. Alex Johnson of the Johnson & Johnson Law Firm. The lawyer can help their clients understand what their rights are, and make sure these rights are protected throughout the processing of the case.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dog Attacks: How an Experienced Yakima Injury Lawyer Can Help Victims

A dog bite victim should immediately seek medical attention for his injuries, then get the help of an experienced Yakima personal injury lawyer to facilitate the compensation process. The lawyer can also help determine the compensation amount the victim may be entitled to.

Despite the laws’ favorable slant toward victims, dog owners can present a defense that could lessen their liability. For example, the owner can try to prove that the victim provoked the attack in some way. Establishing the events surrounding the attack is thus very important, and a seasoned Yakima injury lawyer, like those practicing at Johnson & Johnson Law Firm, can help their clients in this regard.